Dr. Lorenzo Ferri

Lorenzo Ferri is the David S. Mulder Chair in Surgery and a Professor in the Departments of Surgery and Oncology at McGill University in Montreal Canada. He is director of the Division of Thoracic Surgery and heads the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Program at McGill University, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive. He is widely regarded as one of North America’s though leaders in Barrett’s oesophagus and oesophageal cancer, topics on which he has been invited to speak across the Globe. Dr Ferri couples this clinical activity with an active translational and fundamental research program investigating the inflammatory basis of cancer progression and is the recipient of numerous peer review grants, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Canadian Cancer Society. Through this work he has identified the important role of bacterial antigens - pattern recognition proteins (TLRs and NODs) and host neutrophils/Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in propagating cancer dissemination, thus representing a new paradigm in the metastatic process.